Our Story

Retrofit was birthed in the heart of Mid City, New Orleans when four ambitious local musicians decided to further their careers and immerse themselves in everything soul. Inspired by the rhythmic nature of the Big Easy along with the rich musical heritage of the south Louisiana region, the boys simply had to open their ears to let in the music that has inspired their signature sound. With roots in Blues, Gospel, R&B, Afrobeat, Funk, and all forms of Soul music, Retrofit seeks to create sound waves to revive the spirits of its audience. 

The group started by making a one night trip to Pensacola, Florida to play an opening slot for a friends band in the area. After enjoying the set and coming together as a group, they couldn't resist but to make it official. According to them the biggest reason being the unique chemistry the band conjured up from day one. "With some groups, you can just feel it...like there is something in the air when you step into the rehearsal space or on the stage. Something greater than the self," describes keyboardist and vocalist Christopher DiBenedetto. 

Today, Retrofit plays locally around their hometown in New Orleans, while continuing to tour the southern region.Set to release their debut EP on December 16th of 2017, the quartet is beyond thrilled to spread the same love they've received from the city that has inspired them so much. Find them on social media or going the mailing list on the home page for current news on the band.