September 23, 2016

It's a Friday and we're happy to announce that there's a new band on the scene. Retrofit hits Baton Rouge for the first time ever at The Spanish Moon tomorrow night!

New Orleans band, Retrofit, is comprised of familiar faces to the Baton Rouge scene (Scott Graves, Grant Hudson, Christopher DiBenedetto and Oliver Watkinson), and they're not wasting any time. The band formed in April to play an opening set for Baton Rouge band Captain Green in Pensacola but soon became much more. After that gig, they took the summer to focus their time and energy on developing the new project.

DiBenedetto said, "We're excited about creating original music together. Our goal right now is to keep gigging around New Orleans, Baton Rouge and the Southeast region. We have some studio dates booked at The Parlor Recording Studio (in New Orleans) for late October where we hope to lay down our first 4-song EP."

From Retrofit's Facebook Page


All members currently live in New Orleans but have strong ties to the Baton Rouge scene. Baton Rouge native, Chris DiBenedetto (Keys/Vocals) attended LSU where he was in a band called GrisGris who frequently played at Chelsea's Cafe. Grant Hudson (Guitar) plays with local band Captain Green and teaches in the area. Scott Graves (Drums) studied music at LSU and continues to play with Trailer Hounds and Levee Daze, among others. Oliver Watkinson (Bass/Vocals) studied Jazz Bass at the New England Conservatory in Boston and has since relocated to Louisiana.

"We have a chemistry that complements each member's skill set and creates good flow. We don't just play, we play our hearts out and believe in the sound we're creating because everyone is encouraged to have their own voice within the tune," DiBenedetto said.

DiBenedetto writes about life, in general. He finds himself writing specifically about making the most of every day. "I call it Feel Good Blues," he added. Check out this Soul/Feel Good Blues band tomorrow night at The Spanish Moon and always #ListenlocalBR